Friday, November 15, 2013

Sachin is perhaps beyond success and failures

On the 2nd day of the current test match going on at the Wankhede Stadium in Mimbai Sachin Tendulkar was bowled out for 74 runs in his own home turf and with this he failed to break a 15 years record of not scoring a century in his home ground.
Fans across the world were expecting the little master to say goodbye to his 24 years of glittering cricket career with a humble century. But that was not to happen. His last and 200th test match had to remain short of a century.
But his failure is his success. This is especially true for Sachin, the so called God of cricket. The title of God is actually tells us that when we are talking about Sachin Tendullar, there is perhaps no differences between momentary success and failures. Long ago he has transcended such mundane definitions.  
Perhaps this 74 run will be his last score in his international career when he was caught in the slips on the second morning of play at Mumbai's Wankhede stadium. In the morning he came to the crease to resume batting against the West Indies to a roaring crowd and same was the case when he left the field with his last 74 runs. 
There was a sense of sorrow on the face of the crowds. But it was not because he could not score a century in his last international match. The crowd was not disappointed because Shammy took the catch. They were sad only because they won’t be seeing Sachin playing anymore. Sachin will no more come to the crease to bring all the Indians divided by their faiths, caste, creed, etc. under a single roof.
For this perhaps the crowd were looking sorry.  

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